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UBC Rugby features the most generous scholarship offerings in Canada including significant awards for Academic All Canadians and up to full tuition for senior National Team members. Players from overseas are also eligible for additional scholarship funding.


Ro Hindson

Ted Hunt

John Graf

Spence McTavish

Lloyd Williams

Buzz Moore


Today, UBC student-athletes follow in the footsteps of alumni who have built a tradition of achieving success on and off the field. Year after year, the Men’s Rugby Program features players who achieve Academic All-Canadian status.


To meet UBC’s entrance requirements is a challenge that you can be justly proud of. Congratulations on the effort it took to achieve this goal. Now that you’re here, the hard work continues. Learning to juggle the demands of your academic studies with your commitment to varsity athletics will challenge you. The rewards will follow. UBC rugby alumni have gone on to excel in medicine, law, business, academia and in politics after learning to manage the demands of performing on and off the field.


For information on Academic Entrance Scholarships visit the following links:

Canadian Scholarships,

Canadian Students - Financial Needs 

International Scholarship


It’s very straightforward – always be prepared to the best of your ability to contribute to the Club’s achievement. Attend all practices. Show up prepared to work, to take instruction from the coaching staff and strive to be a better player at the end of every session. Maintain fitness by using the weight, physiotherapy and aquatic facilities available to all varsity athletes. Be accountable to your teammates and your coaches for your commitment to improvement. Past players who were dedicated in this manner became great players for UBC, Provincial Rep and National teams.


UBC Rugby’s traditional club format is unique amongst campus athletics. All athletes are welcome. The Thunderbirds compete at the highest levels of BC men’s rugby, followed closely by the Braves competing at the next level. The Totems are traditionally a development team for those players either new to the game of rugby or those players making the transition from high school rugby who require further skills development.

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